You’re Doing What On The Cape?!?!

By | September 29, 2009

Yes, you heard me right. This trip I am camping. I “Googled” every cheap motel and hotel I could find, read too many reviews and decided to find another way to stay on the Cape. Camp. Ok, so I had to buy a tent. The first one I bought was too big and I could hardly lift it. Back to “Target” and exchanged it for a “guaranteed to be waterproof and assembles in one-minute or your money back” version.

Made a reservation at a great sounding private campground mid-Cape. Tomorrow I pack the car. Monday I work a short shift and then I am off to the Cape. My husband and son cannot wait. They said I need to go. So I am going. They don’t know I am attempting this article for the local paper.

I write the next chapter tomorrow as I pack the car and let you know how it goes. Oh, you don’t think I can do it. Well, let me tell you about the time we (my growing up family and I were on the Cape for vacation in Eastham, Dad came down with some God awful bug, and he was so sick he could not be raised from the bed. I not only packed the car but drove home to New Jersey.) Pretty darn good if I do say so myself. Now this camping adventure is going to be very relaxing. Stay tuned….

by Diane L. F. Traver
(Columbus, NJ 08022)

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