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Your time on Cape Cod is precious so we have created a “things to do” category that will help you find all of the best Cape Cod activities to enjoy on your vacation!

Cape Cod Whale Watching

Cape Cod whale watching will bring you up close and personal with some of the world’s largest and most majestic creatures. It is one of the most unique and exciting things to do while on Cape Cod. Humpback, finback and minke whales make their summer homes near Cape Cod. The chance to see these and other sea creatures… Read More »

Cape Cod Lighthouses

Cape Cod lighthouses have been witnesses to history for hundreds of years. They watched over the Cape’’s shoreline and sailors in the days when the waters were thick with commercial fishing boats and whaling fleets. Times have changed, of course. There are no more whalers. Commercial fishing certainly still exists on Cape Cod but not at the levels… Read More »

Windsurfing Cape Cod

If you’re looking for information on windsurfing Cape Cod, we’ve got it. You will find these pages packed with up to the minute info as well as links to other sources, such as the best places to rent equipment, the best places for lessons, and the best beaches to sail from. The popularity of Cape Cod windsurfing continues… Read More »

The Best Cape Cod Mini Golf

For family entertainment it is hard to beat Cape Cod mini golf. It seems to bring out the competitive spirit in of all of us, usually with everyone trying to beat Dad. I can keep my hands steady when the kids are trying to beat me, but I become a little unnerved when I realize that my wife… Read More »

Cape Cod Kayak Tours and Rentals

If you are looking for Cape Cod kayak tours and rentals, they are all listed here with contact information. If we missed yours or you would like to edit or add to your listing, Contact us. Visit our Cape Cod kayaking page for information on one of the best ways to see the Cape! Enjoy kayaking on Cape… Read More »

Cape Cod Kayaking

Eco-tourism may be the hot new thing in travel across the U.S. and the world, but Cape Cod kayaking has been a popular way to explore the vast natural beauty of the area’s inlets, marshes and bays for years. Take a look around Cape Cod and you’ll quickly realize that these beach communities are unlike most oceanfront vacation… Read More »

Cape Cod Ferry

Boarding a Cape Cod Ferry and making the short trip to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard can be one of the most memorable parts of your vacation. With todays high speed ferries, you arrive in an hour, and your island awaits exploring. This can be a great family day trip. Our family took a ferry out of Hyannis to… Read More »

Cape Cod Cruise

Looking for a different way to experience the Cape? Try a Cape Cod cruise. There are many companies offering different and rewarding ways to see the Cape from the water. There are harbor cruises, usually lasting around an hour, allowing you to experience the harbors from a new perspective. There are sunset cruises which can be stunning! There… Read More »

Cape Cod Boat Ramps

If you are looking for Cape Cod boat ramps, we have them listed by town, along with each ramps condition(paved,sand,gravel). With such a huge summer population and literally water everywhere, Cape Cod boating is a very popular past time. Please make sure that safety is your number one priority. Always have the proper safety equipment, make sure that… Read More »

Cape Cod Boat Rentals

If you are looking for Cape Cod boat rentals, we have them all listed here. Are you tired of the crowded beaches? Did you know that there are places on Cape Cod that are not crowded. Shhh…Don’t tell anyone, but the waters around Cape Cod are amazingly uncrowded, and the way to access these waters is by visiting… Read More »

Surfing Cape Cod

Are you looking for the best beach for surfing Cape Cod? You’ve come to the right place! Cape Cod surfing is growing rapidly in popularity as more and more people experience the pure adrenaline rush of being propelled by the sheer power of ocean waves. Surfing on Cape Cod is limited to the Atlantic beaches on the outer… Read More »