Sandys of Buzzards Bay

By | October 6, 2012

by Looking for Fresh Seafood

We’ve been going to Sandys for years and always considered it to be one of our favorite seafood restaurants. Excellent food at an excellent price.

We haven’t been in a long time and being in the area we stopped in for lunch. We were greeted with the sign that said only fresh and no frozen seafood. And that it wasn’t fast food, they cook to order. Which wasn’t a surprise.

My wife ordered baked stuff shrimp and I ordered fried popcorn shrimp. It took us about 40 minutes to get our food which we did’nt mind because it was cooked to order, not fast food.

The baked stuff shrimp, though medium sized shrimp, was good. The popcorn shrimp was frozen shrimp. The same stuff you can buy in the frozen food section of the store. Given the price it was also a double rip-off.

I brought it to the attention of the waitress, who was very nice and apologetic. It was taken off our bill with an apology again, but not from the manager. I was asked if I wanted anything else but said no.

Sandys used to be one of our favorites. If they had a contact on their website I would not have posted this at all! When you go to a seafood restaurant, like a Cape Cod classic like Sandys, you expect fresh seafood. Especially when the first sign you see says no frozen seafood and get it…well all the good memories have been quickly erased. I don’t know what would convince us to go back It’s too bad. It was one of our favorites.

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