Bachelorette Getaway In Falmouth

By | May 29, 2010

My best friend is getting married, and we are looking for a relaxing, fun, kid free bachelorette getaway. There will be about 8-10 ladies in their late 20’s on this trip. We will be there August 12th-15th. We all work very hard, long hours and this will be the main vacation of our summer. Here are the activities we have in mind:

#1- Laying on the Beach- we need a tan!
#2- Spa
#3- Wine!
#4- Martha’s Vineyard for a day
#5- Great Food
#6- Bar (not the kind with 300 twenty one year olds packed into a 1000 sq. ft. space)
#7- Shopping/Antique shops

This is our first time to the cape, and need some direction. Please help with any advice for the girls from Philly! 🙂



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