Persys of Mashpee

By | October 6, 2010

by Bob Pacl
(Martha’s Vineyard)

A very dismal experience.

After arriving for breakfast at noon, we were told it would be a short wait for the 6 of us.

25 minutes later we were waved in to a table in a room half empty.

After 15 more minutes, a waitress came to take our order.

From hundreds of options, I selected an “English breakfast” called the Highlander.

This should have beeen a warning sign.

I have had English breakfasts in several English districts and my London-born Mother-in-law did a pretty fair job too.

The eggs were fair, the tomatoes merely warm, 1 slice with black and green mottling, the mushrooms were inedible, bitter, the English muffin had a couple of drops of butter (none on the table), the hash browns, sausage and bacon were missing.

The waitress when told, brought 2 pork sausages, no bacon, no hash browns.

Not a place to go if you enjoy good food and tolerable service

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