A Cape Cod Whale Watch

By | July 3, 2009

I frequently vacation on Cape Cod. It’s a great place to enjoy nature, sun, the shoreline, etc. One of my favorite places is Provincetown, which is the furthest point on the Cape.

Whale Watching is an especially exciting thing to do and I never miss a chance to take one of these awesome excursions while I’m there. The most common whale you’ll see is the humpback. There is nothing more thrilling than seeing one of these magnificent creatures up close. On one trip, a mother and calf swam along side the ship. It seemed they were close enough to touch. As the mother’s head came up, we could almost see her one eye scanning our faces as the boat dipped toward the water’s surface from the weight of all the passengers. She was almost as big as the ship itself, and if she had the desire she could easily have toppled the boat. It’s truly a humbling experience – and breathtaking.

Another fun thing I discovered is that the dolphins like to play in the wake of the ship! A bit of advice: if you are unsure you should take a motion-sickness pill which the crew has on board. Even though I don’t have a problem, I always take one at the start of the voyage. And if the crew recommends taking one, you’d best follow their advice.

Also, booking early can be risky because the ships will go out in all but the very worst conditions. The whales tend to avoid surfacing when the waves are high so you will likely end up being disappointed. I recommend waiting until you’re sure of the weather conditions before committing. But don’t be discouraged, on one of my trips, I saw as many as 15 whales including Humpbacks, Pilot Whales, and even a lone Blue Whale! It seemed there were whales everywhere we turned. What a treat!

By Kyle

(New York)

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