One of My Favorite Cape Cod Stories

by Cape Crusader (This is one of my favorite Cape Cod stories that I wrote when I was much younger. I hope you enjoy it!) The minute I stepped into Grandpa’s kitchen…I knew something was up. He was looking at me over his glasses, his forehead wrinkling deeply as he raised a single eyebrow. The look that usually… Read More »

So overwhelming – where to begin?

Wow! My husband and I would like to take our young family to Cape Cod this year as we’re still looking for that ‘special someplace’ that we’ll want to make a tradition of every year. I was immediately drawn to this site because it was started by ‘real people’ but I’m still feeling overwhelmed at where to even… Read More »

Mornings with Papa

by Starfish lover (So Weymouth, MA) Two weeks every year, my family would pick up my grandparents and head to West Dennis for our family vacations. My brother, sister and I would all compete for bragging rights as “the one” who saw the bridge first!”. As the oldest, my Papa and I had a secret! I would quietly… Read More »

5 Things to do in the Winter on Cape Cod

by Megan Gates ( Cape Cod is a great place to go for a weekend away from it all, even in the winter months. There are many fun activities that adults and families can partake in while relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Visit the Cape Museum of Fine Arts to see collections from local artists from the… Read More »

Sandys of Buzzards Bay

by Looking for Fresh Seafood (Osterville) We’ve been going to Sandys for years and always considered it to be one of our favorite seafood restaurants. Excellent food at an excellent price. We haven’t been in a long time and being in the area we stopped in for lunch. We were greeted with the sign that said only fresh… Read More »

Elizabeth Warren Former Students Refuse Comment

by Bill Carson (Mattapoisett Massachusetts) Elizabeth Warren Former Students Refuse Comment Imagine taking a college course and having Elizabeth Warren as your professor ? In hundreds of pictures in the news she always looks mad at the world ! It’s hard to picture Elizabeth Warren as a teacher with that plastic sardonic smile on her face. Are there… Read More »

Help with where to stay

We are two Gals in our late 40’s that would like to stay overnight and catch up in the cape with an outdoor pool and cocktails waterfront if possible. Is this even available there? WE would prefer not to have lots of kids since we are looking to have some quiet time 🙂 Please tell me such a… Read More »

Adventure Sport: Deep-Sea Fishing in Cape Cod

Sport fishermen and their family members can rely on for Cape Cod Charter Fishing. It is an adventurous task, as it is the hunt for the deep-sea fishes living in the oceans of the cape…an expedition that is full of pleasurable promotes Cape Cod fishing by offering real-time online charter bookings from the Cape Cod fishing… Read More »

Looking for a campground in/near Hyannis??

by Barb (Maine) We are a couple late 50’s looking for a campground in/near Hyannis area mid-May. Don’t care to be further than 30 min. away. Can anyone help us?? Comments: Hi Barb! Please visit our Cape Cod Campgrounds page for a complete listing of campgrounds on the Cape. Join in and write your own page! It’s easy… Read More »

Walks & Blocks by Cape Cod Girl

We’re fortunate to be able to witness the Cape’s natural beauty and historic significance. Both of these wonders are highlighted here as some of my favorite “Walks & Blocks”. “WALKS”: Observe the natural beauty of the Cape by walking the many miles of conservation land trails that are found in every town. Most trails meander around the tree-lined… Read More »

Why should Plymouth get all the glory?

Oh sure, we all know how the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620. End of history lesson, right? WRONG! Did you know that technically the Pilgrims landed on Cape Cod first (Provincetown to be exact), before moving on to the more hospitable and inhabitable Plymouth? I decided to do a little “home schooling” and take my kids… Read More »

Help! – Is Anyone listening?

by Mark J. Cool (Falmouth, MA) Falmouth’s board of health (FBoH) recognized last March that a full health impact study of wind turbine effects was clearly necessary. At a February FBoH meeting, after listening to the neighbors list of maladies, the FBoH acknowledged possible health related problems stating that “things may quickly proceed from annoyance to sleep deprivation… Read More »

Vacation Spent in Cape Cod

Over this past Summer, My family and I spent the vacation in Cape Cod. It was one of the most positive experience I’ve had in my life. Luckily the weather was beautiful and not a drop of rain appeared. I credit the service and Cape Cod rentals for the trip. They were able to give us a great… Read More »

Clamming at Pleasant Bay, Harwich

by Ellie (Harwich, MA) I am interested in digging soft shell clams at Pleasant Bay this Saturday or Sunday. Anyone clam there? Comments: Hi Ellie! We see people clamming there all of the time! Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do. How? Simply click here to return to Cape Cod Stories.

Halcyon Summers at the Cape

by Lee (Scottsdale, AZ) My maternal grandparents had a large summer home in Craigville Beach when I was growing-up. We had a big family, with 17 first cousins on their side alone! My family had moved out-of-state, but everyone else lived in New England, so my siblings and I got in touch with the extended family when we… Read More »

Debs Veggie Depot where did you come from?

by Don Lambert (Texas) My family and I were on vacation we were driving around getting hungry and lo and be hold we drive into monument beach and there it was an old train station called Deb’s veggie depot. All you could smell is the savory smell of smoked meats! Well I have to tell cape cod! I… Read More »

Where should we go?

by Tiffany (Smith) I am planning a late summer trip in August with 6 of my friends. We are all single with no kids in our mid 30’s. We want a house within walking distance to beach and town. We want to be able to have a fire on the beach, dinner at a great restaurant and drinks… Read More »

Falmouth Wind Turbine Noise Confirmed DEC 2011

by Bill Carson (Falmouth Massachusetts) Falmouth Wind Turbine Noise Report Confirmed – DEC 2011 Executive Summary This study was commissioned through a private philanthropic grant created to determine why there were so many strong complaints about the loss of well-being and hardships experienced by people living near large industrial wind turbines operating in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The purpose… Read More »

Painted Red Nails is Now in Mashpee

Mashpee, MA –Jessica Mahler has announced the grand opening of her new spa, Painted Red Nails. “We are now offering more than just nails,” said Mahler. “We offer skin care, waxing and massage.” Painted Red Nails offers a world-class experience and was voted Mid Cape’s number one day spa in Cape Cod Life Magazine’s Best of 2010. The… Read More »

Skip Mollys

by K. Moran (Albany NY) We went into Molly’s Pub..looking for a good meal…it wasn’t…unfortunately the food was awful, it was very expensive and the service was very rude…we have been going to the cape for 30+ years and we will spread the word to save your money… Comments for Skip Molly’s! Average Rating May 23, 2011 Rating… Read More »

The Ocean House

by Jean (Brewster) Just got back from an extremely noisy dinner at the Ocean House. Our waiter was terrific and the food was quite good but when we were seated we were told that the party of about 30-35 people next to us was about to leave. They’d finished dinner and were not planning to order dessert…….BUT they… Read More »

The Box Office Cafe

by Demi (Andover) THE BEST PIZZA AND SANDWICHES ON THE CAPE! The cafe is cozy and inviting with a giant TV for watching movies. The cafe has a movie theme and all the sandwiches and pizzas are named after movies. I had to try the beetlejuice pizza with blueberries and honey chipotles BBQ chicken. Mouthwatering. My husband had… Read More »

Fall Visit

Husband and I will be spending 2 nights on Cape in early Oct. on what will be our first trip alone since children are grown. Looking for recommendation for somewhat peaceful motel preferably near water, does not need to be fancy, just clean. Thanks! Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do. How? Simply click… Read More »

great esCAPES!

by Barbara Gleason (Mashpee, MA) A student once asked me, “Do you think teachers get paid enough?” My first thought was sure. I love what I do, I’m lucky enough that it pays the bills and hey, I get the summers off. What more could I ask for? Then I sat down and did the math. Being that… Read More »

Childhood on the Cape Girl

by Lee (Scottsdale, AZ) The most carefree and happy times of my life were spent at my grandparents house in Craigville Beach near Centerville. I can’t adequately describe what it meant to me to spend my summers with my Gram and Gramp at the Cape. I was truly carefree- in a way I have not known since. My… Read More »

Appreciating Autumn on Cape Cod

by Mike (Melrose, MA) Why do I find Cape Cod so enticing? It must be more than the combination of beach, bike paths, fried seafood and miniature golf. The appeal is the opposite of modern timeshares that offer geographic flexibility. I like visiting the same place each year finding traveling new back roads. Many of these secret nooks… Read More »

Personal Concierge Services Now Available to Cape Residents, Vacationers and Second Home Owners Through Fini Concierge Personal Assistants

Imagine arriving at your vacation destination and discovering a fully stocked refrigerator, fresh flowers on the table and wine chilling on the deck instead of spending your first few hours of vacation fighting the crowds at the supermarket? Imagine not feeling stressed if you can’t make it down to the Cape to check in on your second home… Read More »

Cape Cod Restaurants you Forgot to Mention

by Berh (Mashpee, MA) I have lived on the cape for 18 years now and just wanted to include some of my favorite Cape Cod restaurants. The best Italian food is Amari’s on 6A in east . Sandwich. The best onion rings with a water view is The Flying Bridge in Falmouth. The fresh seafood is excellent and… Read More »

Out of towner looking for Fresh Lobster?

Coming to the Cape on the weekend. Where can should I go to get the best lobster (literally just off the boat) to bring back to the house for a lobster feast? Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do. How? Simply click here to return to Cape Cod Stories. Comments for Out of towner… Read More »

Starfish and Seahorses

by Lee Sheehan (Scottsdale, AZ) I grew up spending my summers at the Cape. I come from an old New England family. However, My immediate family moved from the rest of our clan, and I only knew the Cape and my extended family in the summer. I had a dysfunctional, disjointed, and often sad immediate family. But my… Read More »

Looking for advice

by Lauren (Kitchener, Ontario) Planning to camp and see the sights – beaches, shops, theatre, whales – but wonder where best to locate and close driving distance. Never been to this area from Ontario. Perhaps it doesn’t matter but any advice on whether to stay in upper, mid or lower cape? Also, tent camping so any recommendations? I… Read More »

Help time away!

by Martha (Jackson,Ohio) I am a teacher. I am a breast cancer survivor, I am looking for some way to come to Cape Cod and house sit, my husband does not have a job right now, and things are tough so I have never been there just looking for a way I could maybe house sit at a… Read More »

Any places that aren’t crowded?

by Liz (Darien, CT) Hi, I grew up going to Falmouth for the summers and went back with my husband and two kids in 2004 & 2006. It was so crowded that we haven’t been back since. I wonder if there are any unspoiled places left to rent a house in which you don’t have to sit ‘towel… Read More »

1st Timer

by Amie (UK) We are planning our first trip for September. Can anyoneone reccomend the best place for us to stay. We are a couple looking to relax. Would it be advisable to hire a car? Or is there anywhere we could stay where we would not need a car. as we would prefer not to? We really… Read More »

Wonderful 1990’s Summers on Cape Cod

by Art Farlowe (Columbia, SC) I graduated from the University of South Carolina in the late 80’s. I had grown up in the south and the furthest north I had been was Washington, DC. In the summer of 1988 I made my first trek to New England. I fell in love with the place!! Within 1 year I… Read More »

First time Cape Cod July 2011

by M. Gordon (Ireland) We are three girls who are making our first trip to Cape Cod this July as part of a big USA trip including New York and Boston. We have only Cape Cod to book now. Four days in July -no idea where to base ourselves but we do have a car and just want… Read More »

What is the best place to stay on Cape Cod?

by Marty (New Jersey) My family and I are planning our first trip to Cape Cod this year. My daughter is 22 and not a big fan of beaches but she is a chef and loves everything culinary. My son is 20 and loves the beach, fishing and anything related. My wife (I won’t give her age) loves… Read More »


by Heather Grindell (Florida) Hi, everyone, I have been going to the former Grindells Ocean View Trailer park since I was six years old. My Granparents had owned the park, and it was always just a wonderful place to be during the summer time. I live in Florida and still that Cape Cod air was always so welcoming.… Read More »

Great Cottage in Dennis for vacation rental

We rented a cottage in South Dennis last summer and loved it. The Cottage was centrally located and close to everything, in addition we were down the street from Kelly’s Bay for swimming and kayaking. The sunsets on this bay were beautiful. We like South Dennis because it is close to Cape Cod Bike Trail and the Old… Read More »

Strike Up The Band!

by Sandra (Sandwich) For a good old fashion slice of “Americana” you won’t want to miss the Cape Cod Town Band Concerts. Many towns across the Cape host these concerts during various nights of the week. They’re usually filled with local, talented men and women, and maybe just a few semi-famous musicians and conductors. The music ranges from… Read More »

DJs Wings

Worst service. The waitress was extremely rude to us, the menu said ask your waitress about our cocktails. They had none listed on there menu, when I asked her if they had any specials or what she would recommend she said I don’t know I’m a beer and shot girl and just stared at me like I was… Read More »

Michael Ornstein Farewell Art Exhibition

My name is Michael Marisi Ornstein and I thought I’d let you know about a “farewell” art exhibition I’m doing here on the Cape. I’m an oil painter and an actor on a tv show called Sons of Anarchy and my family has lived on Cape for about 4 years. I’ve exhibited my art extensively throughout the Cape.… Read More »

First time

Staying at sea crest with my 2 daughters (ages 7 and 11). Any tips on what to do and restaurants close by? Also is there a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard? And do you need to reserve ferry ahead of time?

Top Nightlife Activities In Cape Cod

Cape Cod is the place to spend your downtime for the many residents of Massachusetts, so if you’re planning a vacation you should definitely check it out for yourself. Many a celebrity visits the area and some even own property there. Perhaps the biggest known love affair is that of John Fitzgerald Kennedy(great President JFK). So don’t be… Read More »

three cousins getaway for 4 days

by Doreen (Tampa, FL) Hi, We all grew up in Conn. and my younger two cousins still live there. I am the oldest early forties and live in Florida and the youngest is early thirties. I am coming home next summer and we have never been to the Cape and are going to pitch in for a cousins… Read More »

Location, location, location

by Chelsea (Pearland, TX) Our wedding/honeymoon is in May and I have always wanted to visit Cape Cod. We have done several tropical getaways and are interested in doing something different. Is there a location in Cape Cod that encompasses everything the cape has to offer: sunsets, great beaches, good shopping/antiquing, nightlife, nature/bike trails, etc.? What are must… Read More »

Chance Encounter on the Upper Cape

by Buoy Wonder (N Falmouth, MA) Made the trek up rt 95 on 7/30/10 and landed in N Falmouth at the SeaCrest Resort for one night before heading down Cape for a week in Brewster. The family goes for a walk at sunset on Old Silver Beach, my old high school stomping grounds. As we walk past the… Read More »


(Orleans, MA) The Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans, MA will be launching its annual used kayak sale on Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th!!! Stop in for a preview on Friday, September 25th to look over the 120+ used boats we’ve got! (Note: used boats and gear will NOT be on sale until SATURDAY). 40-50% OFF ALL… Read More »

Cape Cod first time visitors

We are a family of five going to the cape from cooperstown, looking forward to a fun and relaxing vacation. We chose cape cod blindly and staying at the lighthouse Inn. As I am looking at other places I am wondering if we chose the right place for our family. While we love to relax, we also are… Read More »

Ocean Front Rental

by Andy (Broadalbin, NY) mother was just diagnosed with Mesothelioma (lung cancer realted to asbestos exposure…she has always wanted to go to the cape…her dr. cleared her for the days of August 28 through Sept. 1…I am looking to rent a home/cottage/hotel that is right on the ocean..there will be 6 of us…me, my wife, our 3… Read More »

Marconi Beach

by Jillian (MA) I am telling you if you go to Marconi beach you will just want to go there day after day after DAY!!! It was one of my best experiences. I took a long walk across the beach it was great. If you walk to the very end of the beach on the left, you might… Read More »

First Time To Cape Cod

We are planning a trip to Cape Cod in late Septemeber or early October 2010. It is just my husband and I and we would like a unique and scenic place to stay. Weare planning to stay a week. Any suggestions? Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do. How? Simply click here to return to Cape… Read More »

Under new ownership – 170 Year Old Chatham inn undergoing restoration and rebranding by luxury hospitality and design partners, welcoming guests this summer.

Proprietors Brian Dougherty and Nick Robert have acquired the 170 year old Moses Nickerson House Inn on Old Harbor Road and have commenced a two phase restoration and rebranding project with upgrades to guest rooms and common areas to be completed early next month. The partners are working with Dennis based G. Hatch Restorations to enhance and preserve… Read More »

Important Event on Cape Cod – Sophie’s Sale

Hello, We were hoping you might post this event on your blog. The yard sale is on Sunday, August 1 from 9-3 in Chatham. There will be music, food, and some pretty fabulous things for sale including antiques, handmade items and jewelry, and lots of plants. There is also going to be a raffle for red sox tickets,… Read More »

Bachelorette Getaway In Falmouth

My best friend is getting married, and we are looking for a relaxing, fun, kid free bachelorette getaway. There will be about 8-10 ladies in their late 20’s on this trip. We will be there August 12th-15th. We all work very hard, long hours and this will be the main vacation of our summer. Here are the activities… Read More »

Spring at Cape Cod

by Rituparna (Naugatuck, CT, USA) Cape Cod, home to some of the most beautiful beaches of New England was our spring holiday destination for this year!! Spring in Cape Cod is the right time to visit if you want to avoid the mad summer rush and also prevent making a hole in your pocket. Most of the hotels… Read More »

Heading to Cape Cod from Long Island

We will be heading to Cape Cod from Long Island this summer. Can anyone tell me the best way to get to the Cape from Long Island? How bad is the drive? Should we try and ferry it most of the way? Have never been to either location so unsure the best way to make the destinations work.… Read More »

Cape Cod Summer Family Vacation

Please can anyone tell me which are the best town to stay in a summer family holiday with young adults ??? Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do. How? Simply click here to return to Cape Cod Stories. Comments for Cape Cod Summer Family Vacation Average Rating   Jul 12, 2010 Rating hyannis by:… Read More »

Memorial Day Weekend Trip

by Rachel (Colorado) We are planning a trip over Memorial Day weekend. We’ll be staying at Chatham Bars Inn for a romantic getaway. We were hoping to find a clambake. I’ve seen that Chatham Bars Inn has them, but when I’ve called they don’t have any information and talk about starting them in the summer. Are there any… Read More »

Just a question

by Brenda (Glen Ellyn, IL) 6 girls (all married in our 50’s/60’s want to have a vacation on the Cape. can you suggest a place that will not have tons of kids (not that we don’t love kids, but we’ve all been there and have done that. We want to be able to relax, shop, some nite life… Read More »


Summer And August A Cape Cod Murder Mystery, set in Chatham! Yellow Umbrella Books is one of several Chatham locations featured in this great summer read. There are twists and turns along the road to the end of this rainbow you will never expect!

Preparing Your Home for Getaways and Vacations

by Maryanne (Massachusetts) Cape Cod is magical and the perfect getaway. Come March, spring will be approaching and Cape Cod homes will need a spruce up. Fini Concierge ( is a trusted professional service for busy people that need a helping hand. If you need some assistance in preparing and opening your home for your getaway or to… Read More »

Need help picking a great Cape Cod campground

by Karen Fritzsch (New York) I am planning to vacation in cape cod late August…we have a 40′ 5th wheel…looking for a clean campground with lots to offer…. My husband really wanted to camp on the beach but those campgrounds are few and don’t seem really big….and one I called didn’t know if they could accommodate our big… Read More »

Winter on Cape Cod

by Sandy (Sandwich) Okay, the holidays are over, and the long, cold winter is looming ahead with no end in sight. Now what? Plenty, that’s what! There’s plenty to do on the Cape in the winter, if you know where to look. For those of us with children and young families, a visit to your local library is… Read More »

Cape Cod Summer Vacation 2010

by Kellie (Dallas, TX) My husband and I are planning a trip to the Cape with our two year old daughter in July. We are staying at Ocean Edge Resort. We have never been to Cape Cod and I LOVED reading your story in the Cape Cod Family Vacation tab, I especially loved the conversation between you and… Read More »

Best “Park” In Sandwich

It was the quintessential beautiful Cape Cod day. The air was clear, dry and warm. The shade of blue in the sky was the type of color that can only be described as “sky blue”. Wisps of white clouds filtered the sun, while mountains of pink, red, and lavender dotted the lush green backdrop of the flowering shrubs.… Read More »

Brewster Cape Cod Sister Town

Hi, I’m keen to hear from Brewster residents who would like to read news and features about Budleigh Salterton, Devon (UK), their sister-town according to Just email me with your name and contact details and I’ll add you to my list. No obligation! And you’ll learn some interesting things. Best wishes from across the pond, Michael Join… Read More »

I’m thinking of moving to Cape Cod. Any advice?

by Jeff (Pottstown, PA) Hello! I am a 25 year old single male who is considering moving to Cape Cod. I work a full-time third shift job, which I can transfer, and I also go to college part time for radio broadcasting. I make decent cash and I’m thinking about renting an apartment or getting a mortgage for… Read More »

What an Awesome Place!!

by Paula (Wainfleet, Ontario Canada) Ok, well our story is a probably a bit different than other on here………… We live in Ontario Canada(near the Peace Bridge) and on Monday August 10th, 2009, we decided to go on a road trip to Boston and Cape Cod at 9:30 am, we were all(all 6 of us, 2 parents and… Read More »

Help … where to stay on the Cape with teenagers?

Years ago we stayed at Chatham Bars Inn when our sons were under 10 – it was great. Now we are returning and our kids are all teenagers. Where would be the best to stay? I’d love your recommendations for location (Brewster? Chatham?) and should we stay at a resort or maybe rent a home? Many thanks for… Read More »

Interesting things to do on the Cape

by Gillian (Washington, DC) I know that most people go to the Cape to hit the beaches, but that’s been a problem this summer. There were eight… EIGHT sunny days in all of June. What to do that’s not a tourist trap when visiting one of the great tourist bastions of the Northeast?? I found this great new… Read More »

True Survival Story

“You will not be able to put this book down.”—Dodge Morgan, first American sailor to circumnavigate the globe solo and non-stop. Overboard! New Book Explores Survival from Rogue Wave A press release from Michael Tougias 508-520-8843 Scientists have recently discovered there are far more rogue waves than previously thought, and they are likely increasing in size… Read More »

Cape Cod Mystery Novel Earns Praise

A mystery novel set on Cape Cod has earned favorable reviews. The Drowning River by Kim Byrne, a debut novelist, was released in hardcover on June 17, 2009, by Five Star, an imprint of Gale, part of Cengage Learning (ISBN 13: 9781594147692). The Drowning River is about a graduate student, Elise Moloney, who arrives on campus and discovers… Read More »

Route 6A to Provincetown

by nina (coventry RI) When I reach 6A heading towards Provincetown my heart opens up and I feel I can breathe again. Cape Cod is magical……my only hope is to be able to retire there in a few years…God willing. Nina Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do. How? Simply click here to return… Read More »

I Know Why The Seacoast Bird Sings

Many of you may not be aware of the fact that Maya Angelou wrote the original draft of her now famous poem I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings after a visit to the 02536. Yup, it turns out Maya has a cousin who lives on Alexander Booker Rd. She was visiting her cousin back in the day… Read More »

You’re Doing What On The Cape?!?!

Yes, you heard me right. This trip I am camping. I “Googled” every cheap motel and hotel I could find, read too many reviews and decided to find another way to stay on the Cape. Camp. Ok, so I had to buy a tent. The first one I bought was too big and I could hardly lift it.… Read More »

Best Teenager / Family town on Ocean Side?

by Dan (Northern California) We’re a family from California looking for recommendations on the best beach town to stay on the cape next summer. Actually, we’re seeking a nice house directly on the beach, and ability to ride bikes to town in the evening, for dinner, ice cream , rent a movie etc. We’re active and like to… Read More »

Summertime… And the living is BUSY!

by Cape Cod Girl (Sandwich) It’s been a long, hot summer on the Cape. Between the kids being home 24/7 and taking a two week trip to Maine in August, there was scarcely time to catch up on the laundry, let alone try to find an hour or so to be creative, witty and inspiring. But now, the… Read More »


by Kim (Boston) THE WEQUASSETT RESORT CAPE COD JAZZ FESTIVAL 2009 The Final Concert of the Summer is coming up! Join us! Wednesday September 2nd @ 8:30pm!! Close out the summer of 2009 with a bang! Enjoy the funky smooth styles of NYC based artist ** MARY C. & SOUL PURPOSE ** (for more information) Reservations Required!!… Read More »

Cape Cod Real Estate Broker – Margo Pisacano

Margo Pisacano is a lifelong resident of the Cape and has been a licensed Cape Cod real estate broker since 1979. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University. Her extensive background in Cape Cod real estate sales, property management, Cape Cod rentals and 1031 tax exchanges provides invaluable experience and professionalism to her Sellers and Buyers. This… Read More »

Molly at Bella of Cape Cod

I love Bella of Cape Cod, it’s like the best of everything in Naples FL…they are off Main street in Hyannis, and they sell fashion jewelry and handbags that are so fun! Everything in the store is under $25. My mom and I love to go there every summer and when we are at home, we go on… Read More »