Best Cape Cod Restaurants!

By | October 6, 2011

Anonymous Cape Cod resident

BEST fried food: Original Seafood in Dennisport… not Kream n’ Kone. Skip them.

Best ice cream: Sundae School, but Cape Cod Creamery in Yarmouth is memorable as well.

Best family restaurant: The Riverway. You can bring your kids, eat well, not pay a lot and not wait long. What more can you ask for?

BEST fine dining: The Ebb Tide. Not a place for kids, but they’re welcome if you bring them along.

Very classy, not stuffy, friendly wait staff and management. TERRIFIC food. One of my favorite Cape spots…along with

Scargo Cafe: now this place has it all. and it’s open year round. I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE the seafood turnover and the lobster and sweet pea risotto. Makes my mouth water just writing this!!

Happy dining!!

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