The Ocean House

By | October 6, 2011

by Jean

Just got back from an extremely noisy dinner at the Ocean House.

Our waiter was terrific and the food was quite good but when we were seated we were told that the party of about 30-35 people next to us was about to leave.

They’d finished dinner and were not planning to order dessert…….BUT they lingered near our table (some were standing right behind us) so that we could not have a conversation without literally yelling.

There were six of us. We complained to the manager and she was far from hospitable and said there was nothing she could do.

Here’s my take; The Ocean House is packed every night and obviously couldn’t care less about our business but anyone providing a service who gets a complaint should try to do something to make the customer feel like he or she matters.

This woman didn’t even offer us a complimentary cup of coffee!

The people celebrating their special event were not in a private room and should have been more considerate but the management should have asked them to tone it down and to SIT DOWN and not hover around our table.

It was an extremely uncomfortable evening and at those prices we should have been treated better.


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