three cousins getaway for 4 days

By | September 29, 2010

by Doreen
(Tampa, FL)

Hi, We all grew up in Conn. and my younger two cousins still live there. I am the oldest early forties and live in Florida and the youngest is early thirties. I am coming home next summer and we have never been to the Cape and are going to pitch in for a cousins trip. Can anyone suggest the best town to base in and we love staying beachfront a B&B or small hotel is fine. We probably want to eat out and have coffee and drinks. A little shopping and lots of beach time. Maybe rent bicycles and we will be driving from Conn. I am also interested in the Brewery, Edward Gory’s home tour, and the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory tour. Could we do all this based in one town or split in two. Any suggestions for me to research would be appreicated. I like to take photos of beaches and places when I travel. Thanks

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