Bad Experience at the Wicked Oyster

By | October 6, 2009

by Christian D.

We went to have late dinner at the Wicked Oyster in wellfleet. Despite a promising menu, our experience was not worth nor the money and the time we spent.

We began with a dozen oysters, which were quite good accompanied by a dry Martini that was not dry at all.

We followed with entrées.

Halibut for my wife, scallop risotto for myself.

The risotto was actually quite good, but I’m sorry to say that the halibut was more the “get rid of our stock quickly” than a real “catch of the day”.

When my wife let half of her fish into the plate, the only question the waitress had was : do you want a “doggy bag” ?

And this is where the experience went wrong.

Service was cold, mechanic, even unfriendly.

It was also botched and pushy. A smile was definitively out of range.

I would not suggest anyone to spend their time and money at the Wicked Oyster.

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