Why would you live Anyway Else?

By | June 29, 2009

by Steve & Deb
(East Sandwich,MA)

Memorial Day 1987 was our first trip to Cape Cod from CT. Our son had passed away and things surrounding his untimely death and mistakes by a hospital made the News and the Papers.

My husband’s step father had a family cottage on Seagull Beach in Yarmouth and the night of the funeral we drove up to Yarmouth and fell in Love.

It was exactly what the Dr. (step dad) had ordered.

The weather was beautiful and no one knew us.

We came up several times over the course of the next year, but, things were very unsettled and very sad back home in CT. Our sons’ passing became an enormous legal and emotional disaster.

We had as much as a young couple with a three year old daughter could handle.

We came up to visit just before our daughter was going to start kindergarten and decided to never go back.

We rented a house that weekend on a month to month basis and drove back to Ct, a few weeks later to retrieve our belongings.

It was rough sleeping on the floor and eating take out for almost a month, but so worth it.

We still take the weekend trips up Route 6A to have some fried clams at Kate’s Seafood or a burger at Cobie’s and enjoy what Cape Cod has to offer.

My husband calls this God’s Country, Where else can a family be so incredible sad but still be able to take their little girl fishing in salt water for the first time and catch a shark while shooting stars are falling over your head.

After 20 years we still poke around in the tidal pools and walk the Brewster Flats with the same love for salt water and Cape Cod.

You know you love Cape Cod when you are coming across the bridge and actually like that you smell low tide.

There is no place like home.

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Dec 19, 2009
More thoughts of love to you
by: Elizabeth

You have certainly earned all the peace that you have. Your sadness, heartbreaking … I can’t imagine living through that. But your resolve to make a life for you and your young daughter is admirable.

I wish you the very best,

Jul 16, 2009
Best wishes to you and your family
by: Anonymous

I am happy to hear you have found your peace, and what a wonderful place to find it.

Jul 06, 2009
Sending thoughts of LOVE
by: Anonymous

What a nice story. Good luck to you and your family

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