Cafe Chew Sandwich MA Excellent Breakfast

By | October 6, 2010

by Patrick
(Montreal, Quebec)

Cafe Chew.

First off, the location was perfect for us as it is very close to Shawme-Crowell State Park, where we camped. It is located across from the Stop and Shop.

You can order as soon as you come in the door, no waiting for someone to come by. You pay after your order just like any other cafe, except that their breakfast menu has many options you usually only find in restaurants.

Everything at this place is perfect (food quality, service, atmosphere, and even the prices were amazing – less than $20 for two).

Keep in mind that if you come on Sundays mornings, it gets a little crowded (Saturday morning was perfect, not crowded at all, you get better service than on Sundays).

The restaurant staff are always very friendly regardless of how busy they are.

Highly recommend Cafe Chew.

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