Passing Through The Cape Cod Canal

By | February 29, 2008

by R.younger
(Lyme CT)

I am a retired navy vet with 20yrs sub service. Over the years I have made many trips thru the Cape Cod Canal.

The year was 1965 we were coming out of Boston and our skipper decided to come thru the Cape Cod Canal as it did save time from going around back to new London.

We were just about to the bridge going over to sandwich when it started to get foggy, rather than wait for the fog to lift, our skipper decided to turn around and go back out the way we had come.

Not a good idea.

I’m not sure how wide the Cape Cod Canal is, but I do know that our sub was 310ft long.

As the tide was running the same way we were heading, we started to make the twist and got half way around.

There we were broad side in the canal.

The only thing that saved us was there was a small 24ft pleasure boat coming up the canal, without hesitation he put the bow of his boat next to our bow and gave it his all.

After about five minutes, he made just enough head way that the tide took our stern and around we came.

I know as I was on the stern of that sub, that there was no more than 3 ft from our stern to the foundation of the bridge

We never new who that person was that had that boat that helped us out that day but I will say the Navy owes him a great thanks.

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Apr 26, 2009
Love the story!
by: Cathy Lynn What a great story! I can just picture this happening!

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