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By | June 30, 2008

Zazen Surfboards

Stonington,CT-June 30th 2008 – In recent years, the hype over surfing and the use of surfing to sell everything from beer to clothes has caused a clear increase in demand for new surfboards. It seems that everywhere you look, the sport of surfing is popping up. It is in movies, advertisements, and television programs. Surfing is not just for California anymore; it is also taking place right in our own backyard, all year round. Zazen Surf Company is a new East Coast based surf board company dedicated to spreading the sport of surfing and its culture to you.

Zazen was started by John Porten and Doug Poscich in Stonongton, CT. Their idea was to start a forward thinking surf company that uses new technology to improve the sport and place their customers above all else. Their focus is to provide surfers with the quality, hard work, creativity, superior materials, and personal attention that they deserve. “Our mission is to shape the future of surfing through our innovative designs and environmentally conscious products”, said John Porten, co-owner of Zazen Surf Company.

All of our surfboards are designed using the latest CAD software to create CNC precision Geometry. We can insure that every board produced has the same shape. Our hollow hard shell fiberglass construction is revolutionary to the industry, in design as well as durability. Our design team focuses on the hydrodynamics of the board on the water to give you the best ride possible.

by John Porten
Zazen Surf Company

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